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Thunderstorm Tips for Your Pet

Does your dog get anxious during thunderstorms? It is not uncommon for your dog to get scared when storms roll in and noises that they may not be familiar with begin pounding outside. This anxiety can become a problem when your pet becomes so anxious that they have destructive behavior or try to escape. Luckily, there are many options available to help curb this type of fearful behavior.

1. Create a Safe Place Inside Your Home

Pay attention to where your pet likes to go when they become scared. If they enjoy going inside a crate or kennel, try and leave this open for them during storms. Be careful not to shut the door behind them, as this may increase their fear. If your dog likes to be in your bedroom when they get nervous, leave this area open to them when a storm is coming. 

2. Distract Your Dog

Try playing soothing music that may drown out some of the noises from a thunderstorm. You could also try playing a game with your dog when you know a storm is near. This may help to delay the fearful effects that storms have on your pet. Reward your pet with treats and/or praise for the attentive behavior.

3. Apply Gentle Pressure 

Applying pressure to your pet may help to relax. There are wraps available from multiple retailers that may help your pet to feel this soothing pressure. This may helpful for when times when you may not be home. One popular item is the Thundershirt (thundershirt.com).

If you have tried these tips and are still having trouble calming your pet, please give your veterinarian a call for more options. 


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