Prevention of Dental Disease

Keeping your pet's teeth clean is an important part of maintaining their overall health. An easy way to do this is by brushing your pet's teeth regularly. If you feel that your pet may have an oral health issue, here are a number of warning signs to look for: bad breath, sore mouth. difficulty eating, loose teeth, bleeding gums and yellow or brown tartar on the teeth. If any of these signs arise, a teeth cleaning may be in order. 

If your pet does not receive a teeth cleaning after the signs of periodontal disease have appeared, their health may be in jeopardy. The gingival infection leads toxins into your pet's blood stream that can lead to liver, heart, lung or kidney infections.

We offer teeth cleanings at Rockbrook Animal Clinic. This procedure involves the cleaning of your pet's teeth under anesthesia with an ultrasonic cleaner to scale teeth and remove plaque. This procedure can alleviate some of the effects of periodontal disease. Call us today to learn more and to set up your pet for a teeth cleaning.


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