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Hot Dogs in the Summertime

The dog days of summer are here and it's important to think of your pet's safety in this heat.  These high temperatures can be very dangerous to your animals.  For example, leaving your dog in the car even for a few minutes while you run errands can be very hazardous to your animal.  If you leave your dog in the car for ten minutes on an 85 degree day, the temperature in the car can reach 100 degrees in that short amount of time.  If it is 100 degrees outside, your car would reach 140 degrees after only 15 minutes!

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to brutal temperatures is the temperature of asphalt under your animal's paws.  When the air temperature is 87 degrees, asphalt can be measured as high as 143 degrees in direct sunlight!  Even though your dog's paws have calloused pads, they can still receive damage in extreme heat.

Enjoy the warm days, but keep these tips in mind when taking your animals out for summertime fun!


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